June 26, 2012

Facebook Chat Text & Image Generator has another amazing online tool for creating image based text for your facebook chat. On using this, the text gets funky that cannot be written normally on facebook.

So you just need to write your text and then it will format that text automatically and show you the result as live preview. The best feature of it is, it also includes all the smiley images. So if you add any smiley like :) you can get some good results.
Go, write your text and than copy the code which is generated right there, now just paste that code into the chat box.

That's it, you will have your text transferred like on the image above so easily.

Another awesome tool of is generating codes for the image you upload. It sounds cool isn't it? Just go to the site upload your favourite image, click 'upload'. Then sit back and relax for few seconds. After the generation process is complete, you will get a code. Copy this code & paste it on your friend's chat box. The result will be like in the image below. Now amaze your friends. Make them go crazy.

No additional software required either for you or for your friend. 
Now amaze your friends. Make them go crazy.

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