December 8, 2012

Update Facebook Status In Blue Color - Working Trick

Crackroach is back with a new design & an awesome trick after a long break.

Ever wondered, why when Facebook floods blue all over but why not the status updates ?

Here is the solution if your answer is yes. 
A simple custom code can make you update your facebook status in blue color. No apps or software required.

facebook status update in blue color

To make your work simpler, here is the Code Generator for blue color status update.

  • Type in the text you need to share in blue color in the text box below. 

  • Hit 'Get Me The Code' button.

  • Copy the generated code.

  • Go to your facebook profile.

  • Paste the generated code in the status update box and post it. That's it..!


Share something witty to play prank on your friends and remember this is Crackroach Cerified.
To get dislike button for your status update see this post Get Dislike Button In Facebook Status Update - 100% WORKING TRICK

Feel free to comment below & let me know your doubts if any. Keep enjoying the updates & keep sharing Crackroach 



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Hi sigit hermawan,

Glad to know u enjoy it.
It takes less than a minute to help us just by sharing this site Crackroach :)

thank you ...
pleased to be able to read, and know the info and updates from your,

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You can post color font status updates using an iPhone app called Hollanote. Much easier than coding!

yahhhh itu mah gampang @@[0:[0:1: setatus kawan ]] selesai .... cobain daghh

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