December 22, 2012

Who Visited Your Facebook Profile - 100% Working Spam Free Trick

'Who visited your facebook Profile?'
- a question for which everyone needs an answer.

Who Views Your Facebook Profile

Got into spams which ruined your reputation on facebook when trying to know who visited your facebook profile, but still need to check if your ex or an unavoidable annoying friend still having a look at your profile often ?

If you are also searching for an answer for this & wish not to get into spams and trying to avoid using any apps, then here is the answer for you.

Steps to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

  • Go to Your facebook profile page.
  • Right click on your mouse and select 'View Page Source' or just hit Ctrl+U.
  • Now hit Ctrl+F and search for "ordered_list.top_friends" (without quotes).
  • You will see a series of profile IDs within quotes. These are the profile IDs of your friends who visit your profile more often.
  • The first one visits the most number of time while the last one visits hardly takes a visit.
  • Copy any one profile ID & paste it in the browser's address bar as '' and hit Enter to know who is it.
  • Likewise, you can check the who visited your profile.

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Hope this would be very much useful for many people and don't forget this is Crackroach Certified.
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Cool =) but how can i now what he/she do on my profile?

You'll get notified for whatever someone does on your profile. :)

This Top friends list is NOT the list of friends who visited your facebook profile. This is the list of people who you chatted with.

Thts not the list of profile visitors, tht are the buddies to whom u do chat the most... growwww up!!

dont think it works.the hack shows my mum as my staker,but i know for a fact that the poor thing cant log in without my help :|

It really works guys. The first few people I checked up on did not even speak to me on facebook!!

ur explanations r great!...thanks!!!!

please guy's help me who is profile id you can exampal for mee

Thts not the list of profile visitors, tht are the buddies to whom u do chat the most !! Hahah


Sorry but this method doesnot work:(

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