May 9, 2013 [Review]

This one is a kick-starter for the Crackroach's venture on providing Website Reviews. This move is to acknowledge the unsung websites which will be the dominants in their respective niche in the near future.
The first website to be reviewed in the box is

What is ?

TruemarketingCoach (TMC) is a website which provides the top notch ideas on Internet Marketing. Want to know 
about Marketing, Blogging, SEO techniques or Money making ? This site will get you tips on everything.

Who does ?

Karan Paul, an internet enthusiast currently pursuing his graduation in Computer Engineering is the coach in He is one of the young bloggers in Ludhiana, India. He entered into blogging world just a couple of years ago. With abundant knowledge about Marketing, Blogging & with a huge obsession towards money, he is shining in the limelight.

"Don't get confused i will be guiding you at every step just give it a start with all your passion,
Don’t wait if you have any idea, go ahead start working on it with a planning, otherwise competition will keep on increasing and it will become more tough.! as every minute your competitors are taking birth !"              -Karan 

Who Cares ?

  • A newbie who enters the world of internet just to make money should never miss this coach.
  • One with a fair knowledge on blogging, should visit this site to get tips from this Guru.
  • If you are a pro in these areas covered by TMC, then wait to have a 'Coffee with Karan' -exclusive interview program of Famous bloggers & Internet Marketers.

What matters ?

As the famous saying in blogging world says, "Content is the King", in TMC content is the real king. When a topic is discussed by the coach, at the end the reader will get a complete idea of that particular topic. The way the ideas are being portrayed & the presentation of the posts is the reason for the stickiness between the  TMC & the reader. 

The effort the coach takes before publishing an idea includes a thorough analysis on what he is going to convey & its efficiency with respect to its success rate and its after effects.

Something Interesting 

While you wonder on the quality of content in TMC, some posts have really unique titles like,

As Karan himself is good in social media marketing, his latest post which is all about an in-depth case study will give a brief idea on How to increase twitter followers. This post has already received very good response on various social platforms.

Coffee with Karan is one of the best innovativative move of TMC. In this section the coach gives room for his readers to know about great bloggers & Internet Marketers who may be the inspiration of many.

Usability & Shareability

The shareability of the contents in TMC is something to be appreciated. The author tries to put the readers into their utmost comfort zone with a neat layout & smart alignment.

Social Value

The social influence of TMC can be understood from its power of influencing its readers to keep visiting.
The official facebook page of TMC ha a decent number of fans.
The coach has got his very own influence in twitter.

Interaction with Readers

A post is no way complete unless it reaches the people that author had targeted & it must receive a positive feedback from its readers. The author of TMC, Karan is someone who seems to be involved in interacting with his readers as much as he could.

Hear from the Author

The author of TMC was very much down to earth in responding to us. Quizzing about how does he see staying different from other sites, the author said, 

"It has unique way of presenting and putting articles, interviews of problogger in a unique way as Coffee with karan, easier navigation decent design, ads free enviroment"

Final Say has gained a decent reputation among the sites of its own niche since its very start. As TMC has a lot of nice elements with it including its great content & hard working author, it will hit the top of the list of best sites soon for sure. TMC, a must follow site for all internet marketers.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
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