November 25, 2013

WARNING! - A Make Money Online Referral Scam

After letting you know How To Pass / Bypass Online Surveys To Download From FileIce Sharecash - 100% Working Latest Trick, here is a scam alert which is highly mandatory now.

Each one of us is a billionaire or even more than that. All we got to do is to open the spam box of emails. With the advent of social networks, there came many scams which does nothing but kills our time. One such hyperactive scam on internet right now is Make Money Oline Referral Scam Exposed by Crackroach fake site - Make money Online Scam

You might have come across as a referral link on facebook, google+ or in twitter maybe, through a good friend of you, in the chatbox or even in their status update. Even i got one this morning. Make Money Oline Referral Scam Exposed by Crackroach fake site
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  • If you visit the website, you can find them offering $25 for each signup. That's superb, isn't it 
  • They even guarantee that you will earn $1500 within a week that too by spending just 5-10 minutes. This is awesome, right?
  • They claim that they are an award winning service. So they must be excellent. Isn't it?
  • Their recent claim reads that you can earn $1200 instantly to your account within a day. Now you may think this one is superawecellent. 
If you felt the same on seeing their website or when hearing you friend saying these words, i'm sorry for you. - Make money Online Referral Scam Exposed

  • Firstly, it asks you to sign up to get first $25 into your account. After signing up, you will get the money as they promised but you can withdraw the money only if you reach the threshold of $300.
  • For earning more, the only way is to get your friends into this by sharing the referral link. For each click/signup you will be credited with $5.
  • This means, for reaching the threshold amount you need to get almost 55 friends into
  • After reaching the threshold of $300 when you wish to draw the amount through any service, they ask you to complete a survey. The lame reason for this is they want to check if you are a human.
  • The survey options include Signups, Downloads, Download & Install and much more. According to their words, completing any one of these tasks will unlock the money transfer.
  • But the sad part here is even after completing all the surveys, the progress bar will stay loading & nothing will happen.

All they do here is using your network of contacts & your influence on internet, especially on social networks to get their job done. Here making money is possible. Unfortunately it is not for you but for them. So stay away from these scams & try not to fall into such traps even when the referrer is someone close to you.

If you pay nothing for a service on internet, 
Then you are the product being sold over there..!

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