July 16, 2014

How To Get Maximum Likes & Reach For Your Facebook Page/Profile - 100% Working Trick

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Now here is a useful post revealing the secret used by top fanpages on facebook to gain maximum reach.

Getting Maximum Likes & Reach on Facebook Page & Profile

Facebook is a feminist website where only girls' posts get raining likes. That doesn't mean others can't. You can, your facebook fan page can get maximum likes & reach with this simple trick & tip from crackroach. 

When there are some autolike providers on black hat side of this trick, you can boost the reach of your posts with a simple smart trick. This trick is personally tested & is found to be effective among all other so called 'Instant Boost' spams. This trick takes time but won't let facebook to suspend your account. After all, enjoying a wide fanbase over a period of time is better than getting your account suspended. Right ? So here is how you do it.

How To Get Maximum Likes & Reach for Facebook Fanpage / Profile

  • Make sure you have completed filling your profile details. The more you complete, the more you become trustworthy.
  • If you own a just-born fanpage with few fans, then you must maintain a decent frequency of posts. Any number of posts from 20 to 30 a day at equal interval of time will do good.
  • After some days of maintaining this frequency analyse your page insights to find the right time when your fans are active.
  • Make sure that you post a photo along with your post. The photo should convey your post & should no way be inappropriate.
  • The main trick is this. Do some research to find the pages of your niche with huge number of likes & reach.
  • Pick your 5 most famous rival pages & note it down.
  • Now when posting a photo in your updates, tag those 5 pages.
  • This simple move will make your posts reach a minimum of 20% of those 5 pages' fanbase. Though 20% seems to a low figure, 20% of a million wouldn't be that bad.
  • Thats it ! Following these steps will increase your likes & reach of your fanpage/profile for sure.


  • By trying these tips your reach & likes will not increase overnight.
  • We recommend you to follow this for a minimum of 30 days to reap actual benefits.
  • This is a compilation of tips which actually worked when tried. Guaranteed results for sure.

Hope this would have been be very much useful for many people and don't forget this is Crackroach Certified.
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