October 19, 2015

How To Get Facebook Like Button With Reactions Emoji - 100% Working Trick

When many facebook users are still waiting for a dislike button (Get dislike button in facebook status update - 100% WORKING TRICK), Facebook has come up with a solution. And it is the Reactions. While this is actually not a tool to express your dislike towards a feed, you will have the power to express your emapathy, sympathy or love using the Reactions.

facebook reactions crackroach

Facebook Reactions offers 6 emojis in addition to the existing like button. One has to long press the Like button on the feed to get these options pop up. Just hovering over any one of the emojis and releasing will record your reaction to that post. Reations is available across Facebook mobile & Web versions. Click here to watch a video to know how Reactions work.

Facebook reactions, an interesting update however is still under testing and is rolled out only for the users in Ireland & Spain. While asked a facebook spokesperson on why just Spain & Ireland, his answer was that these 2 countries were one of the few userbases with limited international friend connections. This will help them analyze the response of both English & Non-english users having close connections.

Waiting for this interesting tool to get rolled out to your country ?  No need to wait anymore. Crackroach gives a 100% working trick to use the Facebook Reactions prior to the worldwide roll-out.

How To Get Facebook Like With Reactions

  • Get DotVPN extension installed in your chrome browser.
  • Signup with your mail id.
  • Change the country to Spain.
  • Now reload and Voila ! You can now use Facebook Reactions.

PS: You can switch off the proxy anytime to revert back to your own proxy settings.

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